A Notice to Our Valued Customers & Potential Clients: TFG Broker Commission

How Our Firm is Paid for its Services

TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. is an independent insurance brokerage with clients around most of the world. We are a resource for clients who wish to purchase insurance plans and services on your behalf that are available, affordable, and understandable. This is also a notice of any plans that are purchased offline or online via any of our many insurance websites.

We aim to be a resource for people and companies that will also give you the best possible insurance value that combines coverage, service, and price.  As part of this service, we provide personalized, quality service that includes professional insurance advice, ongoing review of your insurance needs when required and also claims advocacy. Our aim is to be your advocate, using our extensive experience to best represent your individual interest.

As a standard industry practice, a brokerage compensation is part of the insurance premiums that our clients pay – both individual and group. For the services we provide to you, TFG Global receives a percentage of your insurance premium, as a commission, paid to us by your Insurance Company. Some insurers will pay a persistency & new business bonus as well. The commission we receive is not a factor in our recommendations to you the client. We should also note that the commission varies from insurer to insurer and plans to plan, therefore if you would like to know the commission percentage, please contact us in writing and note your policy number, name, and date of birth(for individual plans).