TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. offers Canadian health insurance for Canadian residents. We offer Manulife’s FlexCare® plan that offers a unique combination of health benefits that provide you and your family with comprehensive coverage to suit your budget. You can even get information, a quote or even apply online. Plans are available for individuals or businesses…

Flexcare offers people the flexibility to select the protection that is right for you. Manulife’s Flexcare Core plans to provide coverage for prescription drugs, dental care, or a combination of both, along with extended health care benefits. FlexCare offers Add-On’s which allow you to customize Core Plans while Stand-Alone options are available to build your own plan. Manulife’s Flexcare Select, a new and economical health plan alternative, is designed for those who don’t want drug or dental coverage but would like extended health care protection with choice. All premiums are in Canadian dollars. You must be covered by your provincial health plan to apply for Manulife’s individual health insurance plan.

Manulife also offers FollowMe plans to Canadian residents of most provinces. This plan allows you to continue enjoying health and dental benefits even if your Canadian group insurance end.

We are only able to offer health and dental plans for residents of BC, Alberta, Yukon, and Ontario.

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